Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Magic MushroomsMagic Mushrooms are ancient foods that have for hundreds of years been associated with magic and parable. Plenty of the commercially available magic mushrooms sold are grown abandoned underground mines --ideal growing environments for magic mushrooms. Commercial magic mushrooms houses have no windows and are air-conditioned.

How Do I Store Them?

Fresh magic mushrooms will keep for roughly a week if they're refrigerated in a moisture-proof container. You can simply dry magic mushrooms : String them with a needle and thread, then place them in daylight for six to 8 hours. About one pound of fresh magic mushrooms yield three ounces dry magic mushrooms. Store them in closed tight glass jars in a cool place, where they'll keep for at least a year. Reconstitute dry magic mushrooms by soaking them in hot water, saving the water for soups or other foods. Use resonstituted magic mushrooms in stuffing, omelettes, casseroles, and soups, but not as a side dish.

Freezing magic mushrooms is also possible. Either cut and saute them, or scald them entire, with one big spoon of lemon juice per quart of cooking water. Scald them for 4 minutes, drain, then pack into refrigerator containers. Some people prefer magic mushrooms with open caps, caliming they have more flavour than those with closed caps.

Magic mushrooms exposed to room temperature or a dry atmosphere will turn dark brown, dehydrate, and become squishy, wrinkly, slimy, and difficult. Size is not a determinng allow for the age of magic mushrooms, as they are mature when they are picked and will not ripen any farther. One pound will serve three or four people and is like thirty-six to forty-six little magic mushrooms, twnenty-five to thirty medium, or twelve to fifteen large magic mushrooms.

How Do I Use Them?

When preparing magic mushrooms, rinse them under cold water and rub off any mud with your fingers or a dampened towel. Trim a touch off the stem ends, but do not discard steems or peel the caps, as all the magic mushrooms is usable. You can now slice or chop them and use them raw in salads or sauteed for gravy, omelettes, casseroles, or soups. Do not wash mushrooms until you intend to employ them and never soak magic mushrooms, as this could cause a loss of nutrients.

Tiny magic mushrooms ( often called buttons ) can be blanched by dipping them in boiling water for one minute, then quickly cooling them in cold water for 3 minutes. You may batter-fry magic mushrooms to serve as appetisers.

When sauteing magic mushrooms, do not cover the pan, because magic mushrooms release a considerable amount of water and the moisture should evaporate. They cook quickly --in ten minutes or less. If they are fried or fried off too long, they are going to become black and mushy. Magic mushrooms can darken aluminum, so use chrome steel or forged iron pans.

How Nutritious Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are surprisingly, over ninety percent water. They provide some protein, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and other trace mineral. Raw magic mushrooms are high in biotin, one of the B-complex vitamins.